Super-Energy-Saving- Fridge

A great problem is the wastage of energy by fridges. Even energy saving fridges use too much power.

The Super-Energy-Savingfridge is equipped with a cooling coil / chamber which is connected with the water conduit. By taking water from the  tap of the sink for example the water in the cooling coil / chamber will be changed.

Based on the supposition of an average room temperature 22° C / 72° F and an average water temperature of 6-8° C / 43-46° F in the conduit,  there will be a significant difference in the ambient temperature of the fridge if supplied with these water cooling coils. The ideal temperature in a fridge is 6° C / 42° F- narrow below the avarage temperature in a conduit. This will save a lot of energy in compare to normal fridges.

Consumers who wish a „buttered“ but fresh climate won´t need a lot of power to operate the fridge.



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